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Using a mobile health application to imporve health in Burkina Faso

Doctor Gratis

Enabling live chat between doctors and patients in Indonesia

Infolady Social Enterprise Limited - iSocial

Providing ICT-enabled services for women, children and adolescents in rural Bangladesh


Providing Internet Connectivity using Unlicensed Spectrum in Kenya


Providing access to local content for youth in SouthAfrica*


Improving maternal and child healthcare through ICTs in Senegal

Peek Vision

Providing smart-phone based technologies to bring access to eye care in Botswana


Connecting pharmacies through mobile applications across Southeast Asia


Using mobile technologies to improve maternal health in South Africa

Jaguza Farm Technology

Provides farmers with livestock infromation via multimedia sources in Uganda

Smart Money International

Provides mobile savings, payment services and financial literacy training to rural communities in Tanzania and Uganda

Connected North

Providing remote educational and health services to indigenous youth in Nunavut Territory, Canada

Gram Marg

Community Network connecting communities in rural India


Providing Digitial Literacy Programs in Colombia


Providing digital literacy programs at colleges in India

Southern California Tribal Digital Village

Connecting Tribal Communities Via Broadband in the United States


Providing Access to Information for Small Farmers Around the World


Providing market access for smallholder farmers in Kenya

Vision Net

Providing high speed internet in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Zaya Learning Lab

Providing ICT-based tools in low-income schools in India


Accelerating Sustainable Growth via ICTs for farming communities in India

Africa ICT Right

Providing ICT access and training with a focus on education, gender, and health in Ghana

Vanuatu Inter-Island Telemedicine and Learning Network

Saving lives in Maewo Island through telemedicine in Vanuatu

Farm Radio International

Uses ICTs to provide information for farmers in Ethiopia

Malawi TVWS Project

TVWS Trial in Malawi

Vanu Rwanda

Provides affordable rural connectivity in Rwanda

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand

Linking farmers to fairtrade markets using ICTs in Papua New Guinea

ChildHelp Sierra Leone

Provides ICTs and digital skills training to schools in Sierra Leone

Empowering Rural Communities: Reaching the Unreached

Providing government services and skills training in rural Bhutan

African Women Power (AWP) Network

Provides women farmers in Taraba state, Nigeria

Arran TVWS Project

Provides connectivity using TV White Spaces technology to the island of Arran, Scotland

Comcast Internet Essentials

Transforming low-income households through high-speed internet access in the United States


Improving maternal mortality outcomes in Ghana

Johannesburg Wireless User Group

Deploys a community network in Johannesburg, South Africa

Myanmar Book Aid and Preservatiom Foundation

Providing internet access and mobile information literacy programs through libraries in Myanmar

NIIT University, India

Integrating technology in classrooms in India

Tunapanda Institute

Deploys a community network and provides digital skills training in Kibera slum in Kenya

Wireless Leiden

Connecting rural communities in the Netherlands

Pohnpei Catholic School Project

Connecting a primary school to improve learning in Kolonia, Federated Sates of Micronesia

Ghana Code Club

Providing young Ghanian girls with after-school digital skills training

She Will Connect

Provides digital skills training to women in Africa

E-Daara of Thieyetou

Provides connectivity to a school in an unconnected village in Senegal

Connecting Nyirarukobwa Primary School

Provides connectivity to a school in Rwanda

Soweto Wireless User Group

Connects low-income communities through community wi-fi in South Africa

Mucho Mangoes

Provides an SMS-based mobile platform and digital skills training to mango farmers in Kenya

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) LED

Uses LED light bulbs to provide Internet access in coastal villages of the Ivory Coast


Provides access to information through voice messages to fish farmers in Ghana

Project Isizwe

Provides public-wifi access to South Africans

Pamoja Net

Provides Internet access through a community network in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan

Provides Internet connectivity to rural areas in Pakistan

InCode 2030

Strengthening Digital Skills of Portugese Citizens

AirJaldi Networks

Providing connectivity using unlicensed spectrum and TV white spaces in rural India


Providing information via mobile devices to pregnant women in rural Nepal

Balsapuerto Network

Connecting rural communities with wi-fi long distnace netowrking (WiLDNet) in the Amazon Rainforest

Beyond Access Bangladesh

Bringing care-givers and children together in Digital Libraries in Bangladesh

Beyond Access Myanmar

Providing Digital Literacy Programs for women in Myanmar

Center for Information and Education for the Prevention of Drug Abuse

Providing financial inclusion program for women in Peru

Connect with Axion

Connecting communities using TV White Spaces in rural Maine, United States

Connecting Karenda - VNL

Providing connectivity to remote location in Karenda, India

Datamation Foundation

Providing Out-of-School Learning for Women in Northern India

Digital Lighthouse

Providing digital literacy skills in Myanmar

Digital Village Squares

Empowering rural Indians through Digital Literacy Training

Electronic Health Record system, Costa Rica

An E-Government Service in Costa Rica

Energize the Chain

Providing last-mile vaccine refrigerators using tower power in rural Zimbabwe

EOS Foundation, Romania

Providing digital literacy training for elders and care workers in Romania


Leveraging Satellite Connectivity to close the rural educational gap in Latin America


Connecting rural communities in Costa Rica

Fonias Jurua Project

Connecting Communities using digitial HF Radio in the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil

Give1 Project Gambia

Providing digital literacy to young girls in Gambia

Ikamva Youth

Improving the capacity of the youth in South Africa

Informal Sector Business Institute

Providing ICT Training Program for informal business owners in Kenya

Intel Learn Easy Steps India

Providing digital literacy training to people in India


Providing Yemeni Schools with Internet Access and Digital Literacy Training

Jakarta Smart City

Providing E-Government services in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jamaica TV White Spaces Pilot

Expanding Internet Access using TV White Spaces in Rural Jamaica

Kedesa ID

Local E-government website in Indonesia

Kioscos Vive Digital

Providing telecenters in rural Colombia

Little Tokyo Unplugged

A Community Wi-Fi Network in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, United States

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation

TV White Space plot project to provide free internet access to households with kids in Virginia


Providing 5G fixed wireless networks as a low-cost alternative to fibre globally


Providing children with access to digital education in Ghana

National Computer Board

Providing Internet Access and Digital Literacy programs in Mauritus

Nepal Wireless Project

Providing community Wi-fi in remote areas of Nepal

Online Vidyalaya

Providing free onlien education and digital literacy materials for students in rural Nepal

Open Wireless Network of Slovenia

Connecting Communities across Slovenia


Providing affordable internet via TV White Spaces in rural Nepal

Progetto Neco

Connects the citizens of a rural underserved town in Italy

Project Tawasol

Connecting primary schools to create an Internet-Empowered next generation in Tunisia.


Providing Cellular Connectivity through a community-owned GSM network in Oaxaca, Mexico Community Network

Connecting Rural Communities in Greece


Collaborative online local content platform in Ethiopia

Siyafunda Community Technology Center

Bringing connectivity and digital literacy to underserved communities in South Africa

Sprint 1 Million

Providing internet access and devices to low-income students in San Jose, United States

The Reach Trust

Improving lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions in South Africa

The Tucan3G Project

Connecting Rural Communities in the Amazon Rainforest

Universal Service Fund Pakistan

Connecting rural communities in Pakistan

Vihaan Networks Limited

Providing the world’s largest green movile network in areas with left-wing extremism in India

Virginia Broadband

Providing connectivity to unconnected communities in Central Virginia, United States

Wi-fi Interactive Network

Providing Wi-fi to consumers at community stores in the Phillipines

Wireless For Communities

Empowering the unreached using community-owned mesh networks in rural India


Providing satellite based e-government services in Ethiopia

Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa

Capacity Building Programs for youth and women in Nigeria

Zenzeleni Networks

Providing affrodable wi-fi connectivity to Mankosi in South Africa

Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind

Provides visually impaired Ethiopians with ICT access and training

Rural Communications Project

Providing rural Papua New Guineans with basic cellular and Internet connectivity

About 1 World Connected

1 World Connected is a research project of the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition at the University of Pennsylvania. Governments, civil society organizations, and businesses around the world have initiated a wide range of efforts to improve broadband adoption around the world. 1 World Connected seeks to consolidate, extend, and share information about these efforts by collecting and disseminating case studies on practices that have proven effective in improving broadband adoption.

The case studies provide meaningful information on last mile project deployments that use a myriad of funding sources, stakeholder groups and technologies in every region across the world. The initiative aims to bring together a community of infrastructure project owners, investors, government actors, and more to communicate about projects, priorities, and potential deals; advocate for better regulatory environments; and enable data sharing.

1 World Connected has been supported by American Tower, AT&T, Cellular Operators Association of India, Comcast, Disney, Facebook, GSMA, Intel, ICANN, Internet Society, ITI, Microsoft, and Verizon.

1 World Connected collaborates with several international organizations to expand Internet connectivity. Click to view our full list of collaborations
  • Working Group, Education for the Most Marginalised post-COVID 19 (EMMpost-Covid-19) (2020–present)
  • Global Connectivity Working Group, UN Secretary General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation (2020–present)
  • Working Group on School Connectivity, Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, co-chaired by the UNICEF, UNESCO, and International Telecommunications Union(2019–2020)
  • Advisory Group, GIGA Initiative, coordinated by International Telecommunication Union and UNICEF (2019–present) Research Coalition, EQUALS: Global Partnership to Bridge the Digital Gender Divide, co-sponsored by the International Telecommunications Union, GSMA, International Trade Centre, and UN Women (2018–present)
  • Dynamic Coalition on Innovative Approaches to Connecting the Unconnected, United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) (2016–present)
  • Inter-American Development Bank (2019-20)
  • Evaluation Committee, Humanitarian Activities Committee, IEEE (2018-2019)
  • Lead for Evidence-Based Research Working Group, Internet Inclusion Advancing Solutions, IEEE (2016-19)
  • Project Lead for the Data Working Group and Steering Committee Member, Internet for All, World Economic Forum (2016-19)

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