Community Network

Project Isizwe

Provides public-wifi access to **South Africans**

Nepal Wireless Networking Project: Elevating community Internet usage in mountainous regions!

*By Kyle Shulman, Global Engagement Policy Manager, Internet Society*

Pamoja Net

Provides Internet access through a community network in the **Democratic Republic of Congo**

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan

Provides Internet connectivity to rural areas in **Pakistan**

Balsapuerto Network

Connecting rural communities with wi-fi long distnace netowrking (WiLDNet) in the **Amazon Rainforest**

Fonias Jurua Project

Connecting Communities using digitial HF Radio in the Amazonian Rainforest in **Brazil**

Little Tokyo Unplugged

A Community Wi-Fi Network in Little Tokyo in **Los Angeles, United States**

Nepal Wireless Project

Providing community Wi-fi in remote areas of **Nepal**

Open Wireless Network of Slovenia

Connecting Communities across **Slovenia**

Progetto Neco

Connects the citizens of a rural underserved town in **Italy**