Education - In School

Connected North

Providing remote educational and health services to indigenous youth in **Nunavut Territory, Canada**


Providing digital literacy programs at colleges in **India**

Zaya Learning Lab

Providing ICT-based tools in low-income schools in **India**

Pohnpei Catholic School Project

Connecting a primary school to improve learning in **Kolonia, Federated Sates of Micronesia**

E-Daara of Thieyetou

Provides connectivity to a school in an unconnected village in **Senegal**

Connecting Nyirarukobwa Primary School

Provides connectivity to a school in **Rwanda**


Leveraging Satellite Connectivity to close the rural educational gap in **Latin America**


Providing **Yemeni** Schools with Internet Access and Digital Literacy Training

Project Tawasol

Connecting primary schools to create an Internet-Empowered next generation in **Tunisia**.

Sprint 1 Million

Providing internet access and devices to low-income students in **San Jose, United States**