Latin America and the Caribbean


Providing Digitial Literacy Programs in **Colombia**


Providing Access to Information for Small Farmers Around the World

Leveraging satellite connectivity to close the rural educational gap in Latin America: ESCUELA+

*By Michael J. Oghia and Colin Muller for the Internet Society*

Balsapuerto Network

Connecting rural communities with wi-fi long distnace netowrking (WiLDNet) in the **Amazon Rainforest**

Center for Information and Education for the Prevention of Drug Abuse

Providing financial inclusion program for women in **Peru**

Electronic Health Record system, Costa Rica

An E-Government Service in **Costa Rica**


Leveraging Satellite Connectivity to close the rural educational gap in **Latin America**


Connecting rural communities in **Costa Rica**

Fonias Jurua Project

Connecting Communities using digitial HF Radio in the Amazonian Rainforest in **Brazil**

Jamaica TV White Spaces Pilot

Expanding Internet Access using TV White Spaces in Rural **Jamaica**