North America

Connected North

Providing remote educational and health services to indigenous youth in **Nunavut Territory, Canada**

Southern California Tribal Digital Village

Connecting Tribal Communities Via Broadband in the **United States**

Comcast Internet Essentials

Transforming low-income households through high-speed internet access in the **United States**

Connect with Axion

Connecting communities using TV White Spaces in rural **Maine, United States**

Little Tokyo Unplugged

A Community Wi-Fi Network in Little Tokyo in **Los Angeles, United States**

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation

TV White Space plot project to provide free internet access to households with kids in **Virginia**


Providing 5G fixed wireless networks as a low-cost alternative to fibre globally

Sprint 1 Million

Providing internet access and devices to low-income students in **San Jose, United States**

Virginia Broadband

Providing connectivity to unconnected communities in **Central Virginia, United States**