Digital Skills Training

Myanmar Book Aid and Preservatiom Foundation

Providing internet access and mobile information literacy programs through libraries in **Myanmar**

NIIT University, India

Integrating technology in classrooms in **India**

Tunapanda Institute

Deploys a community network and provides digital skills training in Kibera slum in **Kenya**

Ghana Code Club

Providing young **Ghanian** girls with after-school digital skills training

She Will Connect

Provides digital skills training to women in **Africa**

Mucho Mangoes

Provides an SMS-based mobile platform and digital skills training to mango farmers in **Kenya**

Project Tawasol: Connecting primary schools in Tunisia to create an Internet-empowered next generation

*By Michael J. Oghia for the Internet Society*

Partnering for Change through Community Networks: The Wireless for Communities Project (W4C)

*By Kyle Shulman, Global Engagement Policy Manager, Internet Society and Udita Chaturvedi, Digital Empowerment Foundation*

Leveraging satellite connectivity to close the rural educational gap in Latin America: ESCUELA+

*By Michael J. Oghia and Colin Muller for the Internet Society*

Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind

*By Kyle Shulman, Global Engagement Policy Manager, Internet Society*