Region: Asia | Country : India

Executive Summary

NIIT University (NU) is a not-for-profit University in Neemrana, Rajasthan, India. Nurtured by some of the foremost thought leaders and corporate-practitioners of the country; the multidiscipline university focuses on students’ holistic personality development, combined with equipping them with the knowledge and skill sets independent of time and space to contribute and lead in any technological environment of future industry. As a research scholar at the University, Deepti Sawhney works to transform the way technology is integrated into the classroom. Schools that upgrade to digital infrastructures and purchase software and devices often face roadblocks in the successful implementation of these technologies. Responding to these problems of pedagogical inertia around ICT in schools, Deepti has researched and developed methods of professional development that optimize and specify the ways that technology can enhance education. These include value-stream mapping for teachers and collaborative, community-minded ICT projects for students

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Project Description

The Solution



Key Takeaways

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