Region: Africa | Country : Namibia

Executive Summary

In 2014, and inspired by the success of TV white space (TVWS) technology uptake in other African countries, the My Digital Bridge Foundation launched a pilot project to test its viability in Namibia. Known as Citizen Connect, the project aimed to provide broadband to rural settlements via unused frequencies, or “white spaces,” in the ultra high frequency (UHF) terrestrial television broadcasting bands. Through this technology, isolated rural locales were linked to the core network available in urban settings. The pilot was launched in the northern region of Namibia, and succeeding in connecting 27 schools and seven Ministry of Education circuit offices, with an eye toward nationwide scalability. The success of the project has yet to bear long-term fruit, however as there have been impediments to the countrywide rollout. The pilot program for TVWS in Namibia is an example of the utility of employing TV white space and other exempt frequencies to offer connectivity in areas of low-income, low-population density whose scalability efforts can be stymied by unfriendly regulators and inchoate long-term funding and implementation plans.

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