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Executive Summary

Founded in 2013, Jaguza is increasing incomes in poor farming communities in Uganda and beyond by using information and communications technologies (ICTs) – such as its Livestock App – both to facilitate the sharing of indigenous farming knowledge, and to enable poor farmers to obtain better prices for their products. In addition to printed how-to guides, Jaguza uses a variety of ICT tools, including websites, social media, blog posts, and Short Messaging Services (SMS), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), and mobile, offline, and online web applications. Jaguza’s model allows farmers to easily pick up new farming methods that can diversify and improve their yields and production. Jaguza also helps rural farmers sell their livestock directly to growing urban and foreign markets. There are more than 30 ethnic groups in Uganda, each with its own indigenous farming methods, and Jaguza’s model is designed to centralize and encourage farming knowledge transfer.

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