1 World Connected presents Internet Inclusion: Global Connect Stakeholders Advancing Solutions

1 World Connected made its public presentation at the Global Connect Event held in Washington, D.C., on October 6, 2016. We received overwhelming endorsements in nearly all the sessions in which we participated. The breakout session on data identified 1 World Connected as the key platform to consolidate data-related outputs, and the breakout session on infrastructure development lauded the project as a critical component of monitoring infrastructure development efforts. Christopher Yoo was heralded as a “new hero” by Lawrence Bloom of the Be Earth Foundation and Dakia Institute during the afternoon session. Dean Garfield of ITI and Ed DiSanto of American Tower strongly endorsed our efforts at the closing sessions on both days at the event

We were also gratified by the enthusiasm of a number of stakeholders who indicated strong interest in partnering with us – National and Regional Internet Governance Forums (NRIs), One Web Foundation, Bell Labs and the Alliance for Affordable Internet all expressed strong interest in collaborating, and we are exploring the best ways to work with them.

We were also able to identify multiple new candidates for case studies – ranging from work being done using satellite technology in Colombia, efforts connecting primary schools in Tunisia, to Community mesh networks in Nepal and local coalitions in America working to bring broadband connectivity. We hope to build out those case studies and disseminate them soon.

Lastly, we conducted two video interviews as part of collecting personal narratives of the people that are bringing connectivity to the unconnected, reflecting the voices of those seeing the transformative power of connectivity in real ways on an everyday basis. Those videos are now available on our YouTube channel.

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