Let’s Connect the Unconnected

We identify, analyze, and share innovative supply- and demand-side approaches to connecting new communities.

These case studies highlight the key ways in which connectivity projects across the world have empowered communities and transformed lives.

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Mawingu provides affordable access to wireless broadband Internet as well as device recharge facilities in the rural Kenyan counties using unlicensed spectrum and TV White Spaces.
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Papua New Guinea
The Rural Communications Project in Papua New Guinea aims to facilitate improved access to affordable and reliable telecommunications in rural and remote areas.
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Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
Intel She Will Connect uses a combination of digital literacy training, development of gender-relevant content, and an online peer network to help bridge the gender gap in Internet access.
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The Wireless for Communities (W4C) program deploys community wireless networks to set up and expand connectivity in rural India.
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Project Tawasol aims to connect primary schools across Tunisia to the Internet and train students to use the Internet through ICT skills workshops conducted by IEEE.
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United States
Comcast Internet Essentials is a high-speed broadband Internet adoption program aimed at low-income families in the United States
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Costa Rica
Connected Homes seeks to lift vulnerable Costa Ricans out of poverty through connectivity.
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Econet Wireless provides Internet access and off-grid electrical power to rural Zimbabweans. In collaboration with Energize the Chain, it has enabled the vaccination of 250,000 children in rural Zimbabwe by using tower power to solve the vaccine cold chain problem.